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The Games

Our 3 games rooms which can allow up to 6 people.


keyhunter live escape

The Triads


Wong is a police constable undercover as a member of the Hong Kong mafia. His mission is to infiltrate their ranks to get sensitive information about their drug trafficking activities. With his identity exposed soon after, he is knocked unconscious and locked in a room. He must escape in an hour before he is gassed to death.

So do you think you can escape?

keyhunter live escape

The Red Curse


Brenda and Tommy, a couple of high class, experience the fright of their lives when they came back to a man’s ruthlessly savaged body laid in their bedroom. Inspector Hugo and his team has been sent to investigate, but the door locks shut behind him. Is this the work of a haunted house, or something more…?

How long is one hour to you?

keyhunter live escape

The Double Crossing


Irwin Gibson, an American spy, was sent to the Russia-China border in order to obtain evidence of large-scale nuclear weapon production. He locates them, but was soon captured by the authorities and locked up in a cell. The American government denies all involvement with his activities, and he soon finds himself walking a lonely path, demotivated by betrayal. The only thing he can do now is escape...




You have 60 minutes.  Think you can do it?

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